While our wedding is taking place in Romania, it will basically have a Romanian pattern. Traditional Romanian weddings abound of rituals and sacred practices for happiness, wealth and fertility. However, we will hold on only to the most important and tasteful ones. There will also be plenty of international rituals well-known all over the world. The adorning of the bride In Romanian tradition the godmother has the opportunity to adorn the bride. The ceremony is rather symbolic nowadays and it takes place at the bride's house in the company of close relatives and friends. As of international tradition the bride will wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver coin in her purse. The groom arrives at the bride's house accompanied by his parents, the godfather and the best men and he brings 2 bouquets - one for his bride and one for the godmother. Just before leaving towards the Church, the bride's mother twists a large 'colac' (a kind of bread with artistic pastry flowers on top) into three braids and throws them over the brides head into 4 directions for wealth and happiness. The Religious Ceremony The ceremony lasts for about 30 minutes and it involves the Engagement ceremony and the Marriage ceremony. During the Engagement ceremony the bride and groom exchange the wedding rings. In the Marriage ceremony they are crowned as kings, they drink wine from the same cup and they eat 'cozonac' (sweet yeast bread with nuts). Afterwards they circle three times the altar in a symbolic dance of happiness while the parents throw sweets for prosperity and good luck. When the ceremony is over the bride and groom are the last ones to leave the church. They are met outside with rose petals and rice for good luck, fertility and prosperity. While at the church, the bride has to avoid seeing any other bride, as it is believed that it brings bad luck. The Reception - to come
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